Founded in 2016, 96th Street is a small humble business with one very simple idea, to bring you a unique, but affordable stylish watch for any occasion that comes your way. Nights in the city or weekend adventures, it doesn’t matter, 96th Street has you covered.

Coming to you from Tasmania, Australia, our unisex watches offer a fresh blend of contemporary and classic design style. With its unique watch face and signature second hand, 96th Street aims to help anyone make a fashion statement on their wrist for anywhere and anytime.

The dream of creating, not only brilliant watches, but a new and exciting fashion brand was born during a visit to New York. From the beautiful historic parks and museums to the bright lights and inventive dreams at the heart of the city, New York represents all the different lifestyles and walks of life. Drawing inspiration from New York, 96th Street aims to be a brand that captures everything that is vibrant, creative, stylish, diverse and unique about the most famous place on earth.

We have designed and perfected 10 fresh unisex watch designs that has become the Manhattan Collection. We hope to cater to all tastes by bringing you many watches for years to come.

Please support and help this new Tasmanian brand grow.